Shuffle Range

The Shuffle range exists of card games that can optionally be complimented by an app. These apps can extend the original game or provide an alternate gaming experience using the same cards.
All of these apps where made using Unity. Most of these apps, I have worked on one way or another. The apps I built from the ground up were the following: Cluedo, Trivial pursuit, Cars and Trumps. Apps I either heavily modified or changed after feedback from the licensors include: Nerf, Boggle Slam, Guess Who, Littlest Petshop, Battleship and Frozen.
This project is very interesting because of the thight deadlines and the big IP's I got to work with. Mostly, two or three apps where made in parrallel requiring me to hop between projects on a daily basis, as well as adjusting older projects to bring them up to speed with the newer ones. This was also my first contact with both the Apple App store, as the Google Play Store. I learned a lot from submitting these apps, with as top achievement submitting nine builds in one day.
More info on this ongoing project can be found on the Shuffle Cardgames website.






All IP's are either ©Hasbro or or ©Disney/Pixar