Forest Run

This is a game made during my internship. It started out as a side-project (not during the internship hours) but when the company owner saw it, I got some time to work on it together with my co-Intern. I did all te coding and most of the level design, and he provided all animations, the company's designer provided the style for the menu and most 3D assets were salvaged from the main Forest Pals project.
The game featured nine levels with increasing difficulty (bear in mind that it was aimed at infants), three characters, a progression system with tutorials and kept track of high-scores. The gameplay itself was kept deliberately simple: tap the screen to make the character jump with an additional double-jump. Colliding with obstacles stop you in your tracks, acorns fill your boost, puddles and other items slow you down. Tap the bug once it is pulsing to gain a speed boost. The goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible.
Entirely made in Unity.




All images are ©GriN bvba.