Unity Scene Manager - Work in progress

This is a personal side project I work on from time to time. The final goal is to have a Unity editor extension that manages all scenes the project. You'll have the option to in-/exclude scenes from the build, assign tags and open them, all from within an editor window. The runtime component will allow you to access scenes via a variable, keep track of opened scenes and save a data object per scene, allowing you to keep highscores or maintain a level's state between scene switches
My final goal is to submit this plugin to the unity asset store.

Currently the following features are implemented:
- Drag, drop and reorder scenes in the window
- Add/remove scenes to build from the window
- Open scene from the window
- Save the scenes to a data object, allowing for seperate settings files
- Access the scenes at runtime

Planned features include:
- Allow data to be saved in a scene object
- Access collections of levels at runtime (ie all swamp levels, all lava levels)